Santorini, Greece – Porta Fira Suites

So the thing about this hotel is that the the rooms are not all connected like your standard hotel. Instead it’s almost like a bunch of mini caves and each cave is a separate room. When I walked into my room, the door opened up directly into the bedroom and the seating area. When you walk in, there is an adorable couch on the right hand side, the bed directly in front of you and the bathroom to the left behind the bed. The bathroom has new modern finishes along with a rain shower. Each room comes equipped with a bathrobe and some slippers. But, the absolutely best thing about the hotel was… the view.

If I laid in bed, and opened my windows, I looked out over the entire coastline of Santorini all the way to Oia. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen in my entire life. When I stood in my doorway, I just stared out over the coastline and all of Santorini.

After setting my stuff down, I made my way outside to the private seating area. Yes, private seating area right outside of my front door and sat down to take in the rest of the sunset. It was the perfect ‘welcome to Santorini’ experience that I could have ever had.

The next morning, I woke up, got ready for the day and waited for my breakfast. The team brought my breakfast at 8AM like I requested and I decided that since it was so beautiful outside, I wanted it to eat outside. The hotel will actually bring the food into your room if you want, but I asked them to leave it at the table outside so that I could enjoy breakfast while looking over the island. Obviously, since the sunrises on the other side of the island, I just stared at the island as it started to light up.  It was literally, the perfect start to a day of adventures in Santorini.


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