Athens to Santorini, Greece

I woke up on Boxing Day ready to tackle the world. It was officially my last day in Athens and I was about to make my way out to Santorini. With the jet lag and the weird sleeping schedule I was dealing with, I decided to take my time getting ready for my flight. I slept in and then made my way downstairs to grab some breakfast before repacking my bags.  I enjoyed a light breakfast at the hotel restaurant and then went back upstairs to repack my bags.  I’ve noticed that at the start of all of my trips, I’m always really good about staying relatively organized but as the trips go on, my organization skills somehow begin to disappear. I placed everything back into the travel cubes and the overall bag and made my way downstairs to check out then call my Uber to the airport.

One thing to keep in mind for the Ubers to the airport, you will need provide them some level of information for the Uber due to the taxi issues within the city of Athens. You have to provide them your passport number and sign a document for the ride. It’s a slightly weird feeling writing something like that down for the Uber but it is required as part of the law right now. I called my Uber while using the wifi from the hotel and then made our way out to the airport.

Checking into the Athens airport is a relatively easy process. One thing that I was very concerned about was whether my bag would be allowed onto the airplane but luckily, we were flying a Boeing 737 so my bag would fit in the overhead bins. Had the airplane been a bit smaller or been a propeller plane, then I would have been very concerned regarding my ability to get the bag into the bins. I will admit, I always consider trying my bag in those carry on bins to see how it fits but I’m never brave enough for the fear of it not fitting or getting stuck. So I just made sure to stay very close to the front of the line for boarding and made it on board before most of the group so I didn’t have to worry about cabin space.

We eventually took off and landed in Santorini. The flight is only about 45 minutes and they still manage to serve a drink and snack even though the flight barely makes it to cruising altitude.  Our flight was late afternoon so as we broke through the clouds, we watched the sun set from the sky and landed in Santorini with enough time to catch the sunset along the coast.

Once we landed in the Santorini airport, everyone walked out to grab their ride to their respective hotels and accommodations.  I stood outside and waited for my ride out to my hotel.


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