Acropolis Hill, Athens, Greece

I eventually found my way back to the base of Acropolis Hill and found this adorable area full of restaurants that had multiple options for food. I decided to sit at the outside patio of one of a cafe just along the walking path. I actually walked up and down the walking path trying to find a place to eat and there were way too many options so I had to stop and check out the menus before I finally settled on a small cafe with an outdoor patio.

I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to eat so I had a quick chat with the server and she suggested moussaka which is a traditional potato based dish. that comes in a ceramic or clay pot.  Or at least the one that I had came that way.  I also ordered a mint lemonade that they made in house.

As I waited for my food, I settled into my seat and pulled out my Kindle so that I could get some quality relaxation time.  The one absolutely wonderful thing about the restaurant was that my view was of the Acropolis from the base of the hill and it was a beautiful day.  I sat and enjoyed my food while reading a book with the occasional view up into the Acropolis.  It was honestly one of the best ways for me to close out my Christmas Day in Athens.

When I was finally full and done eating, I made my way back around the neighborhood around my hotel. I spent sometime just wandering the streets of where I was staying and just trying to take in the architecture and the store fronts.  One thing that I noticed was the contrast between the buildings around my hotel verses the rest of the neighborhoods that I had been wandering through. The city itself is full of character and you can see the contrasts just feet from each other.  Just a few blocks away from my classic hotel were super modern buildings full of busy streets, typical storefronts and everything you would expect out of a large city. But around my hotel, the buildings were an older and felt like I could have been walking in a very populated suburb with minimal shops. In fact the only shops I really saw were small markets and grocery stores, but nothing else. It was awesome to see and wonderful to wander through.

After a few hours of wandering, I made my way back to my hotel for some chill time before I made my way off to my next city.


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