2017 – 2018 Holiday Travel Plans

I recently mentioned that I finally achieved my goal of 30 countries.  It wasn’t easy to do and it was definitely something I had to make some detailed plans in order to make it work.  That being said, getting to that goal was hard but actually making it happen ended up being easier than expected.

To start planning for this trip, I needed to see where I had some opportunities and I needed to be willing to deal with either flying super far or bad weather.  I actually had a wedding in the UK just after the holidays so I decided that I would use that trip as a way to add new countries to my list.  Originally, I was thinking I could do Ireland and Scotland. I know it’s kind of strange that I haven’t been to either, especially since I have been to the UK four times.  I started looking at my various options and how much time I had with my work personal time off and figured out that I could actually make this into a two week trip with holiday time.

So rather than going to Ireland and Scotland, I decided to go to Greece and Croatia.  I know that seems strange because those places are huge tourist places but December is not a big tourist time for them, especially with the holidays.  But let’s be honest, heat makes me tired and I’m not a big fan of swimming or boats (the motion sickness). So I decided that this was the best time to go over there because I wasn’t sure when I would get another chance.

I started looking at flights and got my holiday travel plans in place. My original plans was:

Athens –> Mykonos –> Santorini –> Split –> Dubrovnik –> Bristol

But as I started looking at my plans, I was given the opportunity to add London and Paris onto the trip for work so I jumped on that opportunity as quickly as possible.  Then, I looked at flights and realized that since I was going in non-peak, getting between the islands in Greece were more difficult and getting between Split and Dubrovnik would be difficult because a lot of the transportation was canceled or not available during low season.

So as I was booking flights, my entire schedule adjusted to:

Athens –> Santorini –> Belgrade –> Zagreb –> Dubrovnik –> Bristol –> Paris –> London

This was going to be a trip of a lifetime.


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