New York City, New York

In 2017, I had the opportunity to go to NYC twice for work.  The first time, I flew there 24 hours after a trip to Detroit and was only in town for a day in and a half.  It’s interesting because I haven’t been to NYC since 2014 and it was great to be back.  The second time was a month later when our team had an off-site and I had the chance to actually spend some time in the city.

I took the red-eye from Seattle to NYC landing in Newark. To be honest, I can’t say that I like any of the airports in the NYC area.  The first time I went to NYC, I flew in and out of La Guardia and it was the first time I realized that not all airports are fully connected.  That trip, I had purposely planned my flights to be coordinated with a friend who was leaving for the Peace Corps.  But since we were flying out different gates, I had gone through security for my gates and afterwards, realized that I couldn’t get to her gate.  I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye so I cried in the airport and now I refuse to fly to that airport.  The second time, I flew into JFK and that airport is huge and packed.  I was actually okay with it because it was super easy to get into Brooklyn but if I had to get into Manhattan, it would have been a terrible commute. Newark, does not beat out the other two but since I was going to lower Manhattan, Newark seemed the easiest.

Once I landed, we caught a Lyft and headed to our hotel in Soho.  I was able to check in and then immediately had to go catch the subway to meet up with my friends.  Since I hadn’t really slept on the flight to New York, I was trying to hard to stay awake on the subway.  I managed to be awake for about 90% of the ride and then started to fall asleep.  I woke up when I started to fall off the seat because the driver slammed on the brakes at one point.  It was enough adrenaline to keep me away through the rest of the ride.

I went and met up with a high school friend for brunch in Brooklyn at Le Gamin. We caught up over delicious coffee and french food then went our separate ways.  I had another friend in town who was hanging out in Brooklyn, so I made my way over to Brooklyn Heights to meet up with her after her Soul Cycle class.  Luckily, next door to Soul Cycle was a bakery called Maison Kayser. Let’s be honest, my friends asked me if I wanted to do the Soul Cycle class with them and I very politely passed in order to eat pastries next door while I waited for them. I ordered my second cup of coffee, a chocolate croissant cause I love them and then made my way outside to meet up with my friends.  Since they had just done a crazy workout, they were starving so we walked over to Cafe Luluc where I had second breakfast.

Following the Brooklyn adventure, I made my way back to over to Manhattan to check out the area we were staying in.  I wanted to check out the Everlane Soho showroom since it was just down the street from my hotel.  The showroom no longer exists but it was definitely an interesting concept.  Following the showroom, I saw someone on the street with Lauderee macarons which is by far my favorite macaron place ever so I started my hunt toward the shop. But I got distracted on the way there and saw a Brooklyn vegan ice cream truck called Van Leeuwen.  I decided to get the vegan matcha green tea and then make my way over to get some macarons to snack on later. By this point, it was nearing 5PM and the rest of the team was supposed to be there already so I went back to the hotel to nap for a little bit.

After the group arrived, a few of us went out to dinner near by at a pasta restaurant called Sola Pasta Bar where we split a plate of prosciutto and ate amazing pasta.  I would highly recommend checking out this restaurant if you get a chance.  I knew that I was going to be spending a week at the hotel so I wanted to stop by a drug store to grab some snacks for the room because I always get hungry so we decided to go exploring.  We ended up stumbling upon the San Gennaro festival.  Unfortunately we go there right as it was closing down but I’m sure it was wonderful.  There were streets filled to the brim with Italian food stands and even a carnival and a ferris wheel. We walked through and realized that there wasn’t much to see since we were there on the last night and decided to make our way back to the drug store then back to the hotel where I crashed after my long day of eating and adventuring.


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