My 2017 favorites

Now that I’ve had time to reflect on 2017, here’s a list of my favorite things and experiences from the past year.

  • Favorite moment of all time: Hanging out with elephants and feeding them bananas, or rather trying to protect all the bananas from the elephants.
  • Favorite savory food: Kimchi beef soondubu jigae.  I rediscovered my love of Korean soft tofu soup and now I’m obsessed.
  • Favorite sweet food: Eating a cronut in New York filled with chocolate.  I may have had two in one sitting and I have no regrets.
  • Favorite book: Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson. This book provides insight into mental illness from a personal perspective.
  • Favorite city: San Francisco but I think that’s a given.
  • Favorite country: Iceland.  I will always love Iceland and as of right now, it’ll continue to be in my top five favorite countries of all time.
  • Favorite purchase: My Penfield jacket from Madewell.  It is so warm and full of pockets.
  • Favorite travel related purchase: My Lo & Sons Hanover backpack. I use this on a daily basis and I am obsessed.
  • Favorite airline: Alaska Airlines.  Obsessed, enough said.  Plus their mileage plan is legit.
  • Favorite song: “Two Wrongs” by Absofacto and Kranium
  • Favorite TV show: Parks & Recreation.  I rediscovered this show and am now obsessed.
  • Favorite article of clothing: Sweat pants.  I’ve gotten lazier and lazier in the way that I dress. This is easily tied with my panda onesie.
  • Favorite viewpoint: The air, being on an airplane looking out over the world has been my favorite view point.
  • Favorite feeling: This will sound weird, but my favorite feeling has been eating the last bite of my breakfast where it is the perfect combination of hot sauce, fried egg, goat cheese and bread.
  • Favorite app: Two Dots.  I love this game even though I hate how it drains my battery.  But if I had unlimited lives, I would play it all day long.
  • Favorite aspect of social media: Instagram stories.  Not sure why I love it but I do.
  • Favorite brands: Madewell and Everlane.  My entire wardrobe is made up of these two brands.
  • Favorite discovered brand: Rothy’s shoes and Allbirds.  I love that I can wash these shoes.
  • Favorite restaurant: Quarters KBBQ in K-Town, LA, CA.
  • Favorite coffee: Affogato from La Marzocca
  • Favorite movie: I’ve only seen… three in theaters sooo Beauty and the Beast.
  • Favorite skincare product: The Herbivore pink clay mask.  I love using this mask during my pamper Sunday routine.

2017 was an interesting year.  I’m glad it’s over because I went through a lot of change and I need a break from the action. Let’s see what 2018 has to bring.


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