Dog sledding continued

At first, I thought that we would be dog sledding with full bred huskies but the place that we went had mixed dogs that all had a little bit of husky but they weren’t full bred.  In addition, many of them were rescue puppies which just makes it so much better because they were so excited about life and what they got to do.

When you first make your way over there, all the dogs immediately know what’s happening and the sleds are all tied up to the fence so the dogs can’t roam too freely.  When the dogs see you, they start barking and getting very excited so you’re instructed to go directly to the sleds and not interact with the dogs.  As we made our way to our sled and started to get settled in, the guides told us they wanted us in the front sled so we had to climb out and make our way past all the adorable puppies and head to the front sled.  The way that this all plays out is that there is a trail that the dogs will follow, you know the trail because all the snow is about a foot and a half on either side of the trail and completely untouched.  There’s just the path way that the dogs run and that’s it.  There are three guides.  One drives a snowmobile who leads the dogs and provides the signals to you to stop which you repeat the signal to the rest of the sled riders.  There’s a guy in the middle on a snowmobile that goes along side the center of the group and then someone bringing up the back just in case anything happens.

Once it was time to go, the sleds were untied from the fences and then we were off.

I had the pleasure of controlling the sled first which also meant that I had more hills to deal with but it was amazing.  We started going full sprint ahead and went through the untouched land. We had to slow down occasionally for the rest of the group to catch up abut for the most part, we were just going ahead and moving forward without anything stopping us.

When we got to the half way point where we had to change drivers, the group stopped and everyone got resettled into their sleds.  While we were hanging out there, they decided to switch up our dogs slightly because our sled was going way too quickly.

The way the sleds are set up, the two dogs in the front are the most trained and experienced so they lead the sled.  The middle one is a dog in training and the two in the back, closest to the sled are the strongest dogs. They decided to switch out the dog in training for us with another one and it probably became the most entertaining thing I’ve seen.  All the dogs were relatively calm after the first half of the run but the one that got added to our group, was probably more energetic now that he had gotten part of his run in.  Once he was hooked up, he immediately started bouncing.  Yes.  Bouncing, straight up and down and barking because he was so excited to start running again.

Once everyone got settled, we started making our way again and it was probably the most entertaining experience ever.  The middle dog that we got was definitely new to all of this.  Twice, the dog had to go to the bathroom and rather than just going while he running like all the other dogs, he had to run off the side of the road and do his business so we kept stopping the entire group because he would completely veer us off our path.  And then, he’d look back at us in shame while he relieved himself and then he was ready to go all over again.

We finally made our back to the home base and at that point, the dogs kept running forward and the guides left us.  As the leaders of the pack, we were super confused as to what was happening because no one told us what was happening but the dogs seemed to know where they were going and the rest of the pack was following us.  We ended up taking an extra half a mile and ended up back at the main area where the dogs then slowed down and tied up the sled back to the fence.  At that point, the dogs were ready to lay down and they were ready for all the pets.

I ended up bonding with one of the dogs where he just laid his head in my lap and waited for me to give him all the pets.  It was amazing. When that was over, we enjoyed some hot cider by the fire and then collected our belongings to head back to the resort.


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