2017 round up

Wow. 2017 is coming to an end.  Here’s the summary of my year:

  • Read 32 books. I cannot believe it but I’ve officially rediscovered my love of reading.  Next year, I’m going to beat this.
  • Started the year in Stockholm, Sweden.  It feels like it’s been years since I was there even though it was only 12 months.
  • Went to Thailand and saw my friends get married.
  • Hung out with elephants.
  • Went to Iceland and Finland in search of the Northern Lights.
  • Lived in LA.
  • Moved to Seattle.
  • Left my job and started a new one.
  • Spent 50% of my time in an airport, on an airplane, or a different city after moving to Seattle.
  • Went through my hardest breakup ever.
  • Rediscovered my love for San Francisco.
  • Dyed my hair pink.
  • Tried an absurd amount of new and delicious foods in various cities around the world.
  • Drove from LA to Seattle by myself for the first time.
  • Went to my 28th country.
  • Purchased real adult furniture instead of trying to make all my broken Ikea furniture work.
  • Went to CES 2017.
  • Consumed an absurd amount of goat cheese. Finding out Costco sold goat cheese was a downfall in all the best ways.
  • Got to reconnect with friends I haven’t seen in years.
  • Saw multiple friends get married and start the next chapters in their lives.

This is just a short summary of all the craziness that was 2017.  I’m so curious what 2018 has in store for me.


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