The Northern Lights

As you are well aware, this entire adventure was based around chasing the Northern Lights.  I have wanted to see it since I was young and this was my actual chance to do it.  Or at least that’s what I was hoping.  The thing about the Northern Lights is that it is unpredictable and dependent on the weather.  You can’t really predict if you’re going to get good enough conditions and you can’t ever really guarantee that you’re going to see them. And now, as the times are changing, the lights are slowly fading and it’s going to eventually disappear.  The amount of time throughout the year that you’ll be able to see it gets shorter and shorter and at some point, they may no longer be visible.  Granted, that’ll be for many, many, many years.

We had missed our chance to see the lights while we were in Iceland due to the snow and poor weather so this was basically our last chance to finally see the lights on this trip.

As we lay in bed, we stared out into the sky from our igloo and waited. Deep down I was very concerned that this was going to be a failure and we wouldn’t see the lights but I wanted so badly for the lights to appear. As we waited, the night went on, the sky got a bit darker, we stared and stared.  Finally, we saw something faint in the distance that wasn’t the color of the sky but a light green.  To be honest, at first, we stared at it and thought that our eyes were playing tricks on us. But the light got brighter and then another light appeared.  It was almost like a faint green streak of light over the sky and it was moving.

We later found out that the people who went on the excursions actually saw the Northern Lights in full form from the lakes that they traveled out to.  We ran into a couple that had the photos and it was obvious that their view point was significantly better than our igloo but we definitely saw the lights from our beds.  As we sat there and stared, it was absolutely beautiful and breathtaking.  It’s not often you get to see something like that in real life and the pictures do not do it justice.  It’s definitely a wonderful experience and now I want to see it in perfect conditions.  I can officially check this off my bucket list but, my hunt continues to see it in full force.

We tried to stay awake for as long as possible so that we could maybe see it get brighter but eventually we passed out sometime after 130AM.  It was the perfect way to fall asleep.


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