Dinner at Kakslauttanen Resort

When it was finally time for dinner, we checked in with the restaurant and were seated right by the window.  The thing about the dinner at the resort is that you don’t really have options.  They do an appetizer which was a salad and then the entree which was either meat or vegetarian and then a dessert.  Other than that, the only thing you really get to choose would be your beverage.

We had our salad which wasn’t anything to write home about but then they came out with this delicious steak with a side of potatoes.  It wasn’t anything terribly complicated but it was very well done in terms of how it was cooked and the seasoning they used was absolutely wonderful.  After we finished off our dinner, we had our dessert which was by far my favorite thing.  It was a mint ice cream with a fruit topping that was absolutely delicious.

During this time, the staff was super friendly and were very attentive.  Since they only serve dinner at one time, everyone in the West Village had dinner at the same time.  Do to the fact that we had decided to go during non-peak season, we were there with just a few other people. It felt like a very intimate dinner that we were having while overlooking the snow covered village just outside of the window.  The restaurant itself feels very rustic and lodge-esque.  Everything was wood and there were antler chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.  It was super warm inside and the colors were calming and it feels like you’re at some sort of fancy ski chalet with the beautiful weather outside.

If you get a chance to check out the restaurant, I would highly recommend checking out their bar there.  They had a glass igloo attached where you can go sit there during the evening under the stars and enjoy some beverages.  There’s also a piano so I’m sure when there are more people there, they have some live music playing during the evening festivities.

When we were finally done with our meal, we caught the shuttle over to the east village and decided that we wanted to explore our current village before the sun went down.


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