What I love about the holidays

During this time of year I spend a lot of time reflecting on life. As someone who is incredibly sentimental, here’s what I love about the holidays:

  • Travel cause obviously.  I have to admit that I was concerned that in my new role, I wouldn’t be able to travel because the vacation and time off policies are drastically different than my previous roles but luckily, it’s still going to allow me to wander.
  • The festive lights. I love seeing all the holiday lights. I know that most people love seeing the Christmas lights but I love it because it warms up the cold nights quickly and is always so beautiful.
  • How quiet the city gets. The bus schedule changes slightly in support of the holidays. People disappear for a bit, the buildings get quieter, the streets seem less populated.
  • Peppermint Mochas.  100% everything peppermint.  I usually save all peppermint things for the holiday season and I very rarely consume it outside of the holidays.  As soon as Starbucks releases the peppermint mochas, I know it’s the holidays and it’s all I want in my life.
  • My glitter Christmas Trees.  I bought a gold and silver glitter Christmas tree that I’ve lugged from apartment to apartment.  And by lug, I mean, just packed away.  They’re only about a foot tall so they’re not anything too fancy. But I love seeing the glitter tree sitting out saying hello.
  • All the sweaters. I guess this comes around with the cold weather. I love dressing in oversized sweaters and fuzzy socks.  If I could live in a fuzzy blanket at all times, I would.
  • Cuties. The little oranges.  Yes, winter means that these are in season and I love buying them in bulk.  Usually I have to exercise self control when I eat them because otherwise, I would eat an entire bag on my own in one sitting. But honestly, cuties are by far one of my favorite foods in the winter.
  • Noodles and soup. I love noodles and I love soup.  I feel like I can justify eating it for every meal in the winter time.  When it’s 90 degrees outside, it’s hard to justify hot soup even if you’re craving it.
  • Boots and booties.  I love wearing these all the time.  My favorite other shoes would be ballet flats but boots and booties are just so practical and work for everything. Plus, they’re super comfortable and I feel like I can stomp through all the puddles without consequences.

It’s a strange list and to be honest, it’s probably more winter loves than holiday loves but I associate the two together. What do you love about the holidays?


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