West Village, Kakslauttanen Resort

Luckily the resort allows for people to travel between the two halves of the village via a van, it’s super easy to make your way between what each one has to offer. One thing to make sure of is that if you plan on eating dinner at a different village than where you are staying, you need to make sure you make a reservation with the reception desk so they can ensure that they are prepared for you.

We stopped by the reception desk, made our dinner reservation and then hopped on a shuttle over to the other village. We were dropped off at the other reception area and we just started walking.  When we had checked in, they had given us a map of both villages but I have to admit that they were not the best maps.  I think it was partially due to the fact that they had plans for expansion that were in work but already reflected on the actual map so it made a little confusing.

We started by heading on our way to Santa’s Cabin which was closed, then wandered around the rest of the resort stopping by a tipi that you can actually stay in, a reindeer farm where there were a few reindeer and then walking past a sauna and other buildings they had put up.  If you’re there over the holidays or tourist season, I’m sure that it would be very busy and everything would be open.  For us, we were there in the middle of the week and in the slow season so there wasn’t much going on.  We weren’t able to go into any of the extra buildings so we just had to walk through all the cold snow and wander past each building looking longingly in.

As we passed the reindeer farm, I wanted so badly to be best friends with the reindeer but I wasn’t sure how friendly they were and there was no one around so we watched them from a distance.  It’s crazy to think that reindeer are actually real, I know it sounds strange to say that but, it’s so cool.

The rest of the resort is super quite and definitely worth checking out. If you’re looking for a full day excursion of stuff to do, then this is probably not what you would choose to do because you’ll run out of things to do very quickly. But if you’re looking for immersing yourself in nature and having some peace and quiet, I would definitely recommend this. Being so far away from any city, the resort is peaceful and super quiet.  The air is the freshest I have ever experienced and it is super tranquil.  It was great to be there, especially because it was so far removed from everywhere else that we didn’t even have wifi in our igloos.

When we were done with the cold and the snow, we decided to go rest in the main lodge until dinner.  We settled into some couches by the reception desk and started enjoying some tea while we read our books.


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