Life in a glass igloo

As made our trek from the reception desk, we passed some full on snow igloos that were closed since it was later in the year.  But these are the fancy queen suite igloos that require you to sleep in actual sleep bags and, for me personally, it would be too cold. As we walked, we passed the sauna, a little bridge, some bathrooms (for the snow igloos) and then made our way to Igloo Lane.  We were the very last igloo on Igloo Lane and started walking down the little road to our home for the evening.  Imagine a row of houses in the suburbs but replace all the houses with glass igloos, snow and trees and that was what Igloo Lane looked like.

We walked up to our igloo and unlocked the door.  Warning, if you are tall, getting through this door will be a bit more on the difficult side.  The entrance to the igloos are definitely very small.  As we entered into our igloo, we entered probably the smallest living space we could have been staying in but it was absolutely adorable. Right when you enter, there is a storage cabinet on the left where they have extra pillows and blankets and immediately to the right is the entrance to your bathroom door. Right after that leads into the living area and it has two beds and the room opens up to the world. You have minimal privacy in these igloos so if you’re not close with the person you’re traveling with, then be prepared.

Due to the shape of the igloo, the bathroom isn’t 100% enclosed. It houses only a toilet and a tiny sink and the wall separating the bathroom from the rest of the igloo doesn’t fit the ceiling of the igloo.  Luckily, they have frosted the glass on the bathroom portion there so you have some privacy.  In the living area itself, you have a small curtain that covers the entire bottom fourth of the igloo and that is it.  The two beds are twin beds that you can leave separated or push together and they come fully equipped with electric blankets to allow for extra warmth.  These are key if you get cold very easily because you’re living in a glass igloo and you don’t get to control the temperature in the igloo itself.  The team at the resort actually controls the temperature in all the igloos so you will need to be prepared for that.

As we settled into our igloo, we were in awe of the view that we had.  Since we were on the edge of the lane, we only had one neighbor that we could actually see and the other side was just the forest. And we were on a hill so we were able to look out over the tops of the forest which was breathtaking.

Finally, we were settled in our igloo and we decided we wanted to go check out the rest of the resort so we headed over to the reception desk to catch the van over to the other half of the resort.


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