Unfinished Business

Have you ever felt like there was something you wish you had seen all the way through? Whether it’s a project, a goal, a job, or even a TV show?

I’ve thought a lot lately about this and to be honest, as a person who consistently says I don’t have any regrets and that’s the way I want to live my life, I think I have something that is close to a regret. As you know, I used to work at a startup down in LA and it’s on the verge of officially going under. Or not, still to be determined. But it’s in a bad place and all the people who made this place amazing left. That being said, I don’t regret leaving when I did. I left before many of my friends and I think I would have jumped at any opportunity had I waited longer. But I was lucky enough to have options when I left. Along those lines, I don’t regret going to that company, I don’t regret the new job I have and I don’t regret the decisions I made.

But I am sad about leaving that company and I often find myself reflecting on that experience and thinking about the people I met. The group of people I got to work with can be described as the dream team. I’m sure everyone has those jobs where you get to join a team and work with absolutely amazing people. You enjoy the work, knowing it’s not perfect, and you’re blessed with working with amazing people even if they aren’t perfect. I had that.

I had a team that I adored the instant I joined. We spent 12 hours a day together, we suffered through some crazy drama from the company, we celebrated birthdays/green cards/parties/crazy work environments together. It was us against the world and it was a group of 50 people who could relate to the statement of work and were people you could always rely on them. When I look back on the job and the team, I look back fondly. And to be honest, I miss it so much. I am at a point now where the idea of joining another team will never live up to the dream team I was a part of.

And for that, there is a part of me that looks back on that job and I’m sad. I’m sad because we couldn’t make it work and I couldn’t work with that great team for longer. I am sad because it could have been amazing, it could have been awesome. And now it’s done. It’s gone and the chances of being with all of those people in the same place again is slim to none. We’ve dispersed around the world and to various industries.


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