Away suitcase – favorite travel items of 2017

I officially tested out my new Away suitcase and I have to say that I am quite pleased with having a new suitcase to travel with.  As you know, I have usually used a backpack and to be 100% honest, I will continue to use it.  But when I do need a suitcase, the one that I had previously was flimsy and didn’t move well through airports.  Plus it’s been well loved and a little damaged over the last few years of increased travel.

Now that I’ve had a chance to test out my new suitcase, I have a list of products  that I want to share as my favorite travel items. I’m sure I’ve spoken about these a few times, but here it goes:

World’s Best Travel Jacket: It holds up to it’s name for sure. I wrote a full post about this jacket awhile ago and it still holds true that I love this jacket so much.  I got the bomber jacket and it’s been great for all the cold weather trips I’ve had.

Away suitcase: There are many new suitcases out there that have charger capabilities and all the new fancy pockets for everything.  I personally love the durability of the suitcase and the agility of it when I’m moving around the airport.  Plus the color options are pretty awesome.

Allpa Travel Pack (Cotopaxi): I won’t get to travel with this bag for a bit but based off what I’ve seen and experienced so far, this may be the new replacement of my trust mint green backpack.

Hanover Backpack: I actually use this bag on a regular basis for work as my laptop bag but I love traveling with it, especially for work. It’s simple, durable and super comfortable.  Plus the insert on the inside is removable and has plenty of pockets for everything you need.

Tieks: I love my Tieks and I will always love my Tieks.  They’re foldable and great for traveling with.  I would highly recommend breaking them in before you bring them on a trip with you because they’re a little rough to break in but they are fantastic and durable.

Rothys: If you don’t want to waste time breaking in the shoes, check out Rothys.  These are made out of recycled plastic and took me zero time to break in.  The first time I wore them, I wore them for a full day at work.  They are washable and super comfortable.  Unfortunately they don’t fold but they are super lightweight and are super easy to pack.

Allbirds: I know… Everyone has Allbirds.  But honestly, they’re amazing.  I love them and they are so comfortable.  They are worth every penny and I love that they are machine washable (this may be a trend for me)

Uniqlo Down Jacket: There’s also a vest that’s just as awesome.  These jackets and vests pack into a small bag and are great for being packable and taking up minimal space.

Vim Jacket: I love using exercise gear as my travel stuff because it’s meant to keep you warm while being lightweight. I love this jacket and it provides the ability to pack into its own pocket and it’s a great rain jacket.


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