Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

If you check out the website for Kakslauttanen, it says that the best way to get to the resort is to drive or take a shuttle.  There are some taxis and local buses but because this area is relatively unpopulated, they are few and far between.  What is usually a 30 minute journey could take you significantly longer and cost you significantly more (in the case of a taxi).  We had opted in for the Kakslauttanen Shuttle which was 27 EUROS per person.  Expensive for sure, but totally worth it.  We got into our shuttle with a few other families going to the same place and made our way out to the resort.

The drive to Kakslauttanen is wonderful because it’s just a two lane road and the woods.  There are a few clearings where you can look out into the snow covered land but the amount of buildings that you see and even the amount of cars that you will see are minimal if any.  Ivalo is actually 10 minutes north of the airport and Kakslauttanen is about 30 minutes south of the airport. If you plan on flying up to the resort, Ivalo airport is going to be the closest airport you can fly to and I believe it is the most northern airport in Finland.

We arrived at the resort and that’s where we were dropped off.

Kakslauttanen is actually broken up into two villages, East Village and West Village.  East Village is the older and original part of the resort, plus it is significantly smaller than the West Village. We were dropped off in East Village and there we checked with the front desk.  We received information regarding what entertainment was available, tours, and basic need to know regarding what was available at the resort.

Since we were so far north, the entertainment options were not many and the food options were limited.  All three meals at the resort itself are limited for when it is available and you have to make reservations for dinner to ensure that they have food available.  Plus it is a set three course menu.  As part of the reservation, you need to decide which village you want to eat at and let them know a few hours in advance. Along with that, there is only wifi in the main reception houses at each village so while you’re in your accommodations, you will not have access to the internet (unless you’re paying for data). For the glass igloos, there are half bathrooms in each one which means just a toilet and a sink.  If you want to shower, you need to go to the saunas located close by. In addition, the reception desk controls the temperature of all the igloos so you will not have any control over the temperature in your room. Lastly, you’ll get an map of what’s available at each village so that you can wander.  And, if you want to purchase any expeditions, you can go through the front desk.

After getting our little debrief on the resort, we picked up our bags and started making the trek to Igloo Lane.  Yes, it was a trek and yes, we were staying on Igloo Lane.


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