Arctic Circle – Finland

We woke up relatively early the next day and repacked all of our belongings to leave the hotel.  We were on our way to main part of the trip and it was the moment we were waiting for.  It was almost as if the entire trip had been leading up to this part of the trip and, honestly, I was the happiest person in the entire world. We ate our last breakfast of Finnish pastries and cheese then made our way to the main train station and boarded a train back to the airport.  There we checked in for our flight and got ready to take a FinnAir flight up to the arctic circle, or more specifically the Ivalo airport.

The flight was relatively easy and uneventful.  I have no major positives or negatives regarding my experience with FinnAir.  The flight crew was nice, the airports were super easy to navigate and I believe we got a snack on our flight but it wasn’t anything spectacular.  Granted, let’s be honest, I fell asleep on the short flight up to Ivalo.

If you don’t know about Ivalo airport, it’s okay.  I didn’t know it existed either.  The entire reason why we decided to fly here was because it was 30 minutes from the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort.  Does that maybe ring a bell?  If not, maybe this will.  It’s one of the glass igloo resorts that allow people to sleep under the stars and see the Northern Lights.  Yup, that’s right.  We were making our way up to the glass igloos to continue our Northern Lights adventure.

I have to admit that this was 100% a splurge and as a person who is usually very frugal about her travels, this was more than just a splurge.  This was a very expensive adventure that I am not planning on repeating anytime soon because it was so pricey. But there is no part of me that regrets this decision to spend money on this adventure because it definitely felt like a once in a life time experience. Plus, I can officially cross a couple of things off my bucket list like going to the arctic circle, sleeping in an igloo, seeing the Northern Lights and dog sledding but I will get to all of those details.

We landed in Ivalo to a land of snow.  We hadn’t seen actual snow that had stuck around until this moment and it was freezing. The airport has 3 gates total and the airplanes do not pull directly up to the airport so you have to deplane in the cold and walk into the building.  We deplaned in the cold and made our way into the building to look for the driver to take us to the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort.


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