New Hair! Don’t Care!

I started dying my hair a few years ago and started off with just some blue streaks that turned into a full head of blue hair then purple and now I am making my way to lavender/silver/gray.  I’ve decided to try and maintain some level of health to my hair which means that I am going through a process to get there rather than bleaching my hair in one sitting to the point where I can do the lavender color.  I’m doing it in multiple sessions, which is more expensive, but my hair is definitely a lot happier.

Currently my hair is a rose gold/blush/magenta color dependent on which portion of my hair you’re looking at. As part of this process, I’m trying out new things to see if I can figure out how to keep my hair in a relatively healthy state.  Here is what is working so far:

  • Color protecting shampoo and conditioner.  I used the Keratase brand shampoo and conditioner the first time I did my hair but now I’m trying Aveda’s color protectant shampoo and conditioner.
  • Living Proof Hair Mask . You put this on in the shower and leave it on for 5 minutes.  I usually do this after conditioner and it has done wonders for my hair so far. I don’t have as many split ends and it seems to be maintaining some level of strength in the super bleached strands.
  • Heat Primer/UV protectant. I have been trying the Bumble and Bumble heat primer to help add an extra layer of protection to my hair before I blow dry it or use a straightener.
  • 12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair Treatment. I’ve actually been a huge fan of this stuff for years because it helps with the frizz for me and I still spray it on my hair before I blow dry it.

Overall, my hair has been holding up well.  Let’s hope that it continues throughout this entire process.


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