Old Town, Tallinn, Estonia – The Sights

We started making our way around Old Town without any true purpose except to see as much as possible since we were only there for a few hours.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • Alexander Nevsky Cathedral – This Russian Orthodox cathedral sits on Toompea Hill and overlooks part of the city.  You can actually take tours of this cathedral, but it wasn’t open when we were there.  I would still highly recommend checking it out because the coloring, the history and the architecture is awesome.
  • Borsi Passage – We stumbled upon this on accident and spent some time walking through this alleyway.  It has all the major monumental moments of Tallinn and provides a look into how Tallinn came to be.
  • Maiden Tower – We just walked to the Maiden Tower but didn’t really do much else while we were there, it was more of a pass through for us.  There are coffee shops and a beer garden there where you can look out over parts of the city.
  • Tallinn’s city wall – Parts of this wall have been around since the 13th century and most of it has been preserved so that you can walk around it and look out over the city.
  • Kohtuotsa Viewing Platform – there are viewing places all over Old Town where you can see all of Tallinn and out to the water.  This is just one of many that you can check out while you’re there. I would highly recommend trying to see as many of them as possible because it gives you an overall picture of Tallinn rather than just a tiny portion.
  • Great Coastal Gate an Fat Margaret’s Tower – This is another area where you can see out over the city.  There’s also a roof top cafe that provides a view but we didn’t get a chance to check it out because it wasn’t open when we showed up.
  • St. Olav’s Church Tower – This is a gothic steeple in Tallinn.  I personally loved it because I love gothic architecture. I heard that you can actually climb the tower and look out over the city but we didn’t get a chance to do it while we were there.
  • Viru Gate – this is the entrance to Old Town that was built back in the 14th century.  When you decide to walk in or out of Old Town for this side of the city, you’ll walk through this gate.  It’s pretty cool to see because it is so well preserved. Plus there is a great little coffee shop right when you walk in.
  • The stores around the area – the trinket shops are fun because you see a very interesting mixture of Scandinavian and Russian influence on the trinkets that they sell. With the overall location of Tallinn, you can see that the city has had a very interesting past and how other countries have influenced them.

When we were finally done with Old Town, we decided it was time to venture out of that portion of the city and check out a market that Kristina had found an article on.


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