Old Town, Tallinn, Estonia

We docked at the port and begun our journey to Old Town.  When we had started looking at the things to do in Tallinn, we heard that Old Town was the main tourist spot to check out so we made that our first stop.  Once we got off the ferry with the hundreds of other people, we started walking.  According to the wonderful internet, we knew the walk was only going to be about 15 minutes and so we started walking.  Luckily about 90% of the boat was doing the exact same thing as us and so we just followed the crowd to Old Town.

Once we arrived, we knew we had officially gotten to Old Town.  The architecture is drastically different than most other areas in the city and the buildings are all sorts of fun colors like various pastels.  The overall architecture is pretty standard for what you would see around most of Western Europe, and still relatively untouched. We started walking through the old part of town to eventually get to over to the main city center. Since we were traveling during the off season, by the time we got to the city center, we realized just how much of the off season we were a part of. Usually when I go to a city square, there are people milling around everywhere, regardless of the time of day and all the restaurants always have people around.

When we got to the city center, we saw that there were literally a handful of people around.  A few tourists and then people standing outside of restaurants trying to entice the tourists to come visit the restaurant.  We ended up getting approached by some excessively pushy males who really wanted to talk to us and as two relatively small females, we were not pleased by this.  Especially since there were not a lot of people around and these men would not leave us alone.  It actually got to a point where we were super uncomfortable and had to leave the town square. I think if we had traveled with a larger group or if there had been more people around, then maybe it wouldn’t have been bad but unfortunately we were very easy targets.

We walked around Old Town some more and decided that we were hungry so we found this adorable restaurant called Pulcinella and decided that Italian food would be a great option.  This restaurant is adorable and I highly recommend it. The staff is super friendly and the layout is incredibly unique.  The restaurant is actually built into the basement of the building, you enter by walking down some stairs and it feels like you’ve gone into a cave decorated in all the memorabilia you can image from Italy such as decorative bottles of wine, pictures of Venice, fake grapes, etc.  It was adorable and plus since it underground, it was the perfect temperature there.  Also, the restaurant isn’t super open, so you walk through some fun hallways to get around to the various tables including the restrooms. As you go further into the restaurant, the more private the tables get.

After enjoying our delicious meal, we decided to start wandering around Old Town some more and see as many of sights as possible, including all the view points that were around Old town.


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