Taking a ferry to Tallinn

The next morning, we woke up super early and packed our day bags to get ready for the ferry ride to another country, number 28 on my list. We went downstairs and luckily found more delicious Finnish pastries at breakfast, so obviously we had to eat as many as possible before we made our way out to the ferry.  I have to admit that nothing beats eating cheese, meats and delicious baked goods as the best way to start the day.

We walked over to the main Helsinki train station and boarded a local train over to the ferry station.  Luckily, it is super easy to navigate the ticket kiosk so we managed to get our tickets and board the train to the ferry terminal.  One thing to keep in mind is that the kiosks still are not the most friendly to non-pin chip credit cards and they don’t always take cash.  We were able to utilize our debit cards to get the tickets which is awesome but that being said, I am not necessarily always pleased with having to use my debit card when I travel but when it’s necessary, I will do it.

The train was super easy to take and the ferry terminal was the last stop.  So we got off and picked up our tickets from the kiosks.  You can print them on-site and super easy to navigate.  As soon as you print off your ticket, then you make your way through the security gate, basically just scan you boarding pass and then make your way up to the escalator and there you will find the entire waiting area.  There are a few coffee shops available at the top of floor and some bathrooms so you can definitely get some snacks before you make your way onto the ferry.  From there, you sit and wait and can watch the ferries come into the terminal.  When it’s time to board, everyone starts funneling down the walkway to the actual ferry itself.  There really isn’t any rhyme or reason for how it goes or how you “board” the ferry but it’s super easy and relatively organized.

Once you get onto the ferry, it is definitely an experience.  We took the Tallink line to Tallin on the Megastar ferry which is a relatively new line that has been launched from the new Helsinki terminal. The ferry is absolutely amazing and you can definitely see that there are some awesome amenities to keep you entertained for the 3.5 hour ride.  We decided to find some places to sit near the food and settled in for our ride across the water.  To be honest, the views aren’t anything that impressive because it’s just water, but the ferry has plenty of entertainment.  We got some food, which is definitely very pricey given that you don’t have any other options, and then enjoyed our books while we went across the water.  I do get motion sick so I definitely ended up taking a nap for a bit while we were making our way across the water.

Finally, we started to see the skyline of Tallin, and we knew it was time to start exploring a new city.


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