Thanksgiving 2017

I know that this post is a little bit late but I’m still going to post this regardless.  I know that it’s standard to post things that you’re thankful for during this time and I don’t want this year to be an exception for that.  To be honest, it’s been a very reflection heavy year for me so it feels incredibly fitting for this year to put it all down.  Not as a way to brag but rather as a way to remind me that with all the craziness and uncertainty I have experienced this year, things are still okay.

I am thankful for:

  • The experiences I had in LA.  This includes the relationships that I built this year, the relationships I furthered this year and the new relationships I have developed. I am thankful for adventures I had in LA from wandering Korea Town to the various beach cities and trying new foods.
  • The work experience I had in LA. If you didn’t know, I took a chance on a startup company down in LA.  It was my first experience at a startup and hopefully won’t be my last.  But the experience there was incredible both positive and negative. There were moments where the job was hard, so hard that I had moments where I was confused as to why I had ever taken the job.  Moments where all I wanted to do was scream in frustration and then quit. There were moments where things felt like they had fallen into place and it was perfect. It was an emotional rollercoaster that kicked me down in all ways possible and brought me back up in the same way.
  • The ability to move back to Seattle. I am glad that I had the chance to move back to a city that I love and be back in a place I called home. This may not be permanent but I’m glad I have had a chance to come back for however long I will end up being here for.
  • The new job in Seattle. I am so thankful for the opportunity to go to a new job and try something new. It’s giving me the ability to try my hand in the tech industry, change my career path and see if this is where I want to be.
  • My health. I am still alive and well.
  • My daily journal. As weird as it sounds, the journal that I started at the beginning of the year has kept me grounded and been a great tool for me to keep positive. It’s been difficult but I probably would be in a very different mental state if I had been good about trying to find the positives in everyday.
  • The ability to travel. I am so glad that I have been able to travel this year to places I have been to, new places and places that I know but not well. This year has been quite the experience with the various travel adventures both domestically and internationally. I’ve loved every minute of it.

It’s been a rough year, but it’s been a good one.  Let’s see how the last few weeks go!


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