Always on the move

My friends call me a jetsetter because it feels like I live in an airport.  In fact I spent a large portion of 2017 in airports, other cities, cars and airplanes.  But what’s funny is that other people travel significantly more than me.  Maybe my friends call me a jetsetter because I’m always ready to leave.  I’m always ready to make my way to another city and I get antsy in a city if I’m there for too long.

Recently I had a conversation with one of my friends regarding the idea of being a jetsetter and how life has been since I moved back to Seattle.  It’s been funny because I’ve been asked repeatedly if I am happy to be back in Seattle and it’s been weird to answer that question.  I am excited to be back but sad to be back.  Through the conversations with my friends, I’ve slowly learned to tailor my answers more and more but at the same time, I’ve started to realize more and more things.

I am always on the move and moving back to Seattle has not changed any portion of that. I do have a portion of my life perpetually packed in preparation for my trips that are coming up. But now it’s so much more than that.  I have, without realizing it, saved half of my boxes from moving back to Seattle.  They’re currently stored in my closet ready to be packed up.  I still have my rolls of packing tape, ready to tape up all my boxes when I’m ready to go.  I legitimately go through all of my things every weekend looking for things that I can get rid of.  In fact, today I got rid of two giant garbage bags of clothes that I no longer need. Each day, I stare at my apartment and what I have to see what else can go or what else I don’t need.

I think deep down, when I moved back to Seattle, I knew that this wasn’t going to be permanent and now I’m just slowly preparing for whatever the next move will be.  I’m not sure when it will be and I’m not sure where it will be to but at this point in time, I think I’m mentally preparing for it.

Until I figure out where I want to go, where I plan on being in a few months, I’ll continue to keep my life relatively packed for all of my next trips.


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