Helsinki Day 2 continued

Since we were so cold, we decided to stop by a coffee shop just outside of the city center.  As we were making our way there, we stopped by a grocery store to grab some snacks and then ended up stumbling upon a mall.  It was an adorable little town square with a mall and fun little shops.  We walked through the area and checked out little shops along with the mall.  We were attracted to the mall just because there was a super long line outside of the building and we weren’t entirely sure what was going on so we wanted to be a part of the party.  Turns out, Ben and Jerry’s was giving free ice cream and it was way too cold for us to consume any, so we left and made our way to a coffee shop.

The coffee shop was about half a mile from the main train station near some construction. We stopped there to get some hot chocolate and yet another set of pastries.  Plus, after all the coffee and water we had been consuming, we need justification to use the restrooms…

From there, we started walking through the various streets around the city center.  Since this was our last full day in Helsinki, we decided that we need to take in as many sights as humanly possible so we took a nice little walk and eventually ended up in the shopping district.  Since both of us had traveled with backpacks, the idea of actually shopping and purchasing things seemed like a bad idea, especially since we had zero room in our bags. Plus, Helsinki isn’t cheaper than anywhere else in Europe, in fact it’s just as expensive if not more expensive.  After getting our fill of stores, we made our way into a chocolate store and decided that Fazer was better so we made our way to Fazer to purchase all the gifts for our friends.  Then we found yet another coffee shop that had a second floor full of windows so you could overlook the people walking along the road outside.

We purchased our beverages and some cakes, then settled down in a corner table on the second floor and stared out over the city. Luckily we had decided to bring our books on our journey around Helsinki so we decided to sit there in the window and read some of our books.  We ended up spending about 4 hours there, reading, eating, people watching and enjoying the warmth of the sun through the window.  Finally, we decided it was time to go get some dinner before we settled in for the night so that we could get ready for our day in Tallinn.


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