Helsinki Day 2

After the wonderful Fazer consumption, we went to bed and then woke up early the next day to get as much of Helsinki into our schedule as possible. We got ready for the day and then made our way downstairs to the breakfast in the hotel.  Luckily the Best Western we were staying at had some great options for breakfast and so we decided to eat as much food as possible.  One thing that we had come prepared with was a list of Finnish desserts that we wanted to try while we were in Finland and lucky for us, the hotel had a few of the baked goods for breakfast. So we each grabbed one so we could split them and get the best of both worlds.

After consuming my weight in cheese, baked goods and some fruits, I was ready to venture out for the day.  Our first thing on the agenda was to go back to the tourism office to buy our tickets to Tallinn for the next day.  We walked back to the office and were greeted by the super friendly staff and we went through our options for the ferry to Estonia.  Since we were planning on spending all day in Tallinn, we decided that we would take the first ferry over to Tallinn and the take an early evening ferry back to Helsinki.  We didn’t want to stay through super late in case getting back would be a hassle so we decided to play it safe.

After purchasing our tickets for the ferry which was actually very reasonable, about $100 per person, we started making our way around the city.  I had heard about a beautiful monument that was created to honor a Finnish composer.  So we made that our first destination and started making our way to the Sibelius Monument.

Along the way, the weather really started to get to us because it was so cold and we decided that we need to stop somewhere and warm up. So we found an adorable little trendy coffee shop on the way and enjoyed some coffee and more Finnish pastries.  From there, we finally continued our way through the city to the monument.  It’s actually interesting to start walking through the different neighborhoods of Helsinki because the further you get from the city center, the more you can feel the characteristics of different neighborhoods. The architecture of the buildings change and it definitely starts to feel more like a neighborhood and gets significantly more quiet.  It actually got to a point where we hardly saw anyone as we were walking.  After finally making it to the monument along the water, we started moving through more of the city.

At some point, we ended up getting very lost in the city and ended up in a graveyard and couldn’t figure out how to make our way out of it.  We managed to figure it out eventually but it was interesting to get into the this area because it was a more tech focused area, in fact it felt like a major business center.  But what was very interesting about this area was that it was strangely and eerily quiet.  Even though it was the middle of the day and on a week day, there were minimal people walking around.  We didn’t see many people walking the streets, there weren’t many cars, in fact it was just kind of deserted.

After about half a day of wandering aimlessly, we decided to finally make our way back to city center because we felt like we had run out of things to see, plus it was super cold.


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