Helsinki Day 1

After we unpacked all of our belongings into the room without windows, we made our way out into the world.  We weren’t entirely sure where we were going and what purpose we had but we knew that we had about half of the day left to wander before it was time to go to bed.  We planned our trip to have about a day and a half in Helsinki and then try to get to Estonia for a day before we headed off to northern Finland for the day so we needed to make sure we didn’t do too much on day 1 of our trip in Finland.

We made our way first to the tourism office because we wanted to see what prices we would be looking at for our day trip to Tallinn with the intent of purchasing the ferry tickets.  Right in the city center by the water, there is a tourism office that sells the typical tourist items along with the ferry tickets to other places.  I have this tendency to not 100% pay attention to where I am going when it comes to geography and so little did I know that we were just a few hours by ferry from St. Petersburg, Russia which is definitely on my list.  I had known that we were super close to Tallinn because someone had told me but if I had known about Russia then I would have probably tried to make it work for us to do a day trip or something there.  There’s always next time.

Unfortunately by the time we got into the tourism office, it was too late for us to get tickets for the ferry to Estonia because they stopped selling tickets around 4PM that day.  So keep that in mind if you plan on purchasing tickets day off, you need to make sure you get there early enough so that you can buy the tickets.

From there, we started walking around the water front and checking out what along the water front of Helsinki.  There’s a beautiful Russian Orthodox church close to the water front, along with awesome boats to check out.  After checking out the water front, we started wandering further around the city and eventually ended up stopping by a coffee shop to get dinner.  We had actually checked multiple restaurants for their menu and their prices to see what was available but for some reason, the only restaurants we could find were a bit fancier than what we were looking for.  So instead we went to a Fazer cafe and decided to eat sandwiches for dinner.  This place was wonderful in so many ways.  When you walk in, there’s a chocolate store directly in front of you and then a cafe to the left.

We decided to sit down and eat first then shop for chocolates afterwards.  I ended up getting a sandwich and a hot beverage since it was still relatively cold outside.  We enjoyed our cheaper dinner (or rather frugal dinner) and then made our way over to the chocolate store.  If you ever feel the need to eat chocolate and you’re in Finland, I highly recommend checking out Fazer.  This was a whole different chocolate shopping experience with all the different kinds of chocolates you could wish for.  I opted to buy the first thing that had caught my eye which was a chocolate egg.

Since it was close to Easter, they had this adorable chocolate display in the window and they had what looked like regular eggs but when you picked them up, it was a regular egg shell but filled with chocolate.  They sold them in separate containers along with actual egg cartons which was probably the most adorable thing I’ve seen in awhile.  So I grabbed one and that began my chocolate adventure for the evening.


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