Iceland to Finland 

After getting back from the tour, we immediately repacked our bags and settled in for the evening. We got back late enough that we didn’t want to venture out but early enough that we could get a decent amount of sleep before our early flight to Helsinki, Finland. The next morning, we got up nice and early before the sun and made our way across the street to the main bus terminal and boarded a Flybus to the airport. The Reykjavik airport is relatively easy to navigate and we managed to get through security relatively quickly and settled down at our gate to wait for our flight to Helsinki. If you don’t remember, the Reykjavik airport is definitely an experience compared to other airports. They don’t announce flights there so if you aren’t paying attention be prepared. One thing I did notice this time around was that the airport was significantly more disheveled than the last time I was there. I remember in 2015 thinking it was a very well kept airport but this time around, I was a bit surprised to see it in such disarray. The bathrooms were not well kept, the stores were more expensive and were not well stocked. But luckily we didn’t have too much time in the airport so it was easy to deal with. We boarded our flights and then made our way to Finland for the next step of our adventure to for chasing the Northern Lights. 

Getting from the Helsinki airport to the city center is very easy. We boarded a train and managed to make it to the city center with only minor issues. Being mildly directionally challenged can definitely make things difficult. Especially when you step out of a train station completely disoriented on which direction you’re supposed to go. 

We had done relatively well with picking our hotel for Helsinki. We actually booked it about two weeks before we arrived and got a great location. We stayed at a Best Western within 10 minutes walking of the main train station which was very fortunate. We figured out where we were and then began making our way to the hotel. We checked in, got to our room and were immediately reminded why we got the room so easily. We had chosen a room without a window. You’d think that at this point in my life, I’d be willing to pay just slightly more money for a room with a window. Well if you think that, you’re wrong. This room without windows saved me $50. That being said, I wish we had a window…

It’s a very weird experience being in a room without windows. Especially when you can hear noises from outside and you can’t see what it is or even attempt to see what the origin is. Luckily we weren’t planning on staying in the room too long so it ended up being okay. We made unpacked the essentials and bundled up for our Helsinki adventure, part 1.  


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