My Seattle life vs my LA life

Today, as I was walking home, I had quite a bit of time to think.  Quick back story, now that I work in the city (which I haven’t done since I worked at Borders Bookstore #throwback), I’ve been taking advantage of things like public transportation and being able to walk.  When I first started working after school, I never worked in the city, in fact I made my way north or south about 15-20 miles dependent on the job. So now, my life is definitely different than the first time around.  On days that are relatively nice, I have taken to walking home because I can. And also because I sit at my desk all day long, it’s nice to get some time to decompress and I want to hit my step goal every day and this is a guaranteed way to do it.

Walking home is always really nice because it’s a solid hour and a half full of thinking, alone time, and just me and the city.  Today, I thought a lot about my decision to come back and the life that I lead now verses the life that I was leading.  Things that I’ve noticed:

  • In Seattle, I walk as much as humanly possible.  The fact that I will walk home from work is not something that I would have done in LA. In fact, the distance between my current home and the office is about the same as what I had in LA. But when I lived in LA, no part of me would have ever considered walking home. This is partially due to the neighborhoods I had to drive through and partially because no one walked anywhere in LA.  I remember the idea of walking up to a neighboring beach was crazy.  Sometimes even walking the mile to the grocery store seemed difficult.  It’s funny because the blocks in LA were so much longer and maybe that’s why it felt so much harder walk. Plus, everyone drives in LA because it’s so spread out that walking is just not a thing.
  • In Seattle, I take public transportation. In fact, I take it to work every morning and then I take it home (on the days that I don’t walk).  I have never taken public transportation in LA. In fact I’m not sure I even know where to pick up the bus or the trains…
  • I shy away from the sun, in LA and in Seattle. I will always love my colder days regardless of what city I’m in.
  • I will always drive far distances for food regardless of the city.  I will drive even further in LA for good food than I will in Seattle.
  • I’m significantly more motivated to get things done in Seattle.  I do better with the colder weather and gray skies.  Too much sun makes me sleepy.  I found myself hiding out in my apartment away from the sun and heat when I lived in LA.
  • I drink significantly more coffee in Seattle than I did in LA.
  • I explored more in LA than I have in Seattle. I still explore significantly more in LA than I do in Seattle.
  • I spend significantly more time on the phone in Seattle.  When I moved to LA, I would catch up with friends via texting and occasionally Skyped but it only happened a handful of times.  Now that I’m back in Seattle, I talk on the phone with my friends from LA almost on a weekly basis for an hour or so.
  • I definitely on social media less now compared to when I was living in LA.
  • I eat significantly more when I am in LA than when I am in Seattle. And I eat a lot when I’m in Seattle.

I wouldn’t say one life is better than the other and I can’t say that one city is better than another.  What I can say is that I love both cities and I love the experiences that I’ve had in both.  My walks home have been a great time for me to reflect on everything and come to that realization.


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