The Color Factory, San Francisco, CA

Have you noticed that there are now more interactive, pop up museums that are appearing?  Most of them are centered around being the most Instagrammable locations ever and fulfilling the social media frenzy that is life nowadays.  I definitely was very excited about the Museum of Ice Cream when the museum went to LA and I knew that the Color Factory was another place that I needed to show up at.  I missed the first round of tickets and then luckily, they decided to extend the Color Factory one more month and I had a trip planned to San Francisco.  It was perfect timing and I knew that I had to find my way there.  My friend and I ended up logging on our computers (and her phone) for about an hour trying to get tickets.  The site went down for a bit and there were definitely website hosting issues but eventually we found our way into the ticket site and were able to finally get tickets.

We went on a Thursday evening and it was definitely an experience.  Similar to the Museum of Ice Cream, you follow a relatively logical path to get through the various colored rooms of the pop up.  Once you move through one room, you can’t go back.  The museum started off with a rainbow room with scratch and sniff walls and rainbow sugar cookies.  Then we made our way into the black and white room with charcoal infused lemonade then moved into the orange room which was a room full of orange colored items over a specific range of the color. The artist that partnered for that room had been collecting various items within this range to make up this display.  There were Fantas, traffic cones, Cheetos, pencils, ping pong balls, etc.  From there, you had a collection of three rooms to get through before moving on.   A room full of blue balloons that was super hot, a room with interactive music and a disco ball and then finally a room with rainbow lights where you could change how the display worked.  After that, you made your way into a green room where you were given oversized markers to help color the display (similar to the experience at the Kusama Infinity Mirrored Rooms).  From there, you experience the 10,000 rainbow ribbons, the pink hallway, the rainbow lighted hallway to the confetti room and the selfie room. The selfie room was definitely interesting because it was a room with a computer and a printer that was perpetually printing off anything from Instagram with the hashtag “#selfie.” You weren’t allowed to take any of the pictures with you and so selfies were left all over the floor of the room. It was an interesting social experiment based off the amount of photos that were in the room and the rate that the printer was spitting out photos.  Even at 8PM on a Thursday night.  Following that room, we made our way to the famous yellow ball pit.  This room was about a 100 degrees and a bit difficult to navigate.  Afterwards, we got some ice cream as our parting gift and then it was time to go home. The Color Factory extended through October but I’m not sure if it’s continuing on past that. If you get a chance to go, I highly recommend it.


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