Stopping for lunch in south Iceland

After the waterfall, we made the way over Freysnes which is a tiny town (if you can call it that). From what I saw, it was only a restaurant and gas station where we stopped but according to Google Maps, there’s a hotel there too. We stopped at a restaurant called Veitingasala which is a combination of a convenience store, souvenir shop and restaurant.  Due to our tour, we happened to be there right as all the other tours arrived and given that it was one of the only eateries we saw on our way to the glacial lagoons, everyone decided to stop here.  You could get anything from burgers to Chinese food to seafood.  It was definitely an interesting combination of food and since it was packed, I opted for the easiest food and fastest food they had.  I had a burger which delivered quickly and allowed for me to sit down and eat the food while everyone else stood around and waited for their meals.

When I finished eating, we made our way outside to hang out and get away from the hecticness that was the restaurant.  Standing outside, you can see the mountains and the start of the glacial lagoons in that area. It’s actually very impressive to stand there. People in our tour group decided to not eat at the restaurant and they made their way out across the street to take photos.  The fact that it was a short enough walk from the roadway to stand on a glacier to take photos is actually amazing and something I haven’t experienced anywhere else. Granted, at the same time I haven’t been to enough places to actually know if it’s something that is relatively common when you go out for nature excursions like this.

One thing I love about the small little restaurants you find in Iceland is that they have limited food options and they thrive because of the tourist industry.  You don’t have many options for food but it’s still really good. And the pricing isn’t as terrible as you would think given that they are the only option and they could increase prices astronomically. It’s similar to the random food stands I would find while I was in New Zealand.

After getting food, wandering around for a few minutes, we made our way back onto the bus and then headed out to the glacial lagoons.


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