Skogafoss – Experiencing it

After running directly to the waterfalls in the rain, we realized that being protected from the water was really not something that would ever happen, especially in this weather. So we not only ran further into the rain which made us more susceptible to being drenched, we were standing out in the rain and then as soon as we got to the waterfalls, we realized two things.

  1. This was beautiful and one of the most breathtaking things we’ve seen
  2. Even if it wasn’t raining, we would have been soaked from the mist coming off the waterfall

We stood at the water and looked out into the wonder that was Skogafoss.

If you don’t know anything about this waterfall, it is about 40 meters tall and there is a path that leads directly up to it from the gravel parking lot.  You can actually walk along the water runoff to the waterfall or you can take a trail that leads further up to the top of the waterfall.  We didn’t do the trail path because we weren’t entirely sure we could make it up and back down in time.  I believe the walk up is about 30 minutes and then another 30 minutes down unless you run, which I don’t recommend if it’s raining. Actually I don’t recommend regardless of whether it’s raining or not because the mist from the water could make it very slippery.

We stood by the water runoff and stared up at the waterfall. It is absolutely beautiful and so far removed from the road that it is incredibly peaceful. Even with the rain and the terrible weather, there were birds flying everywhere and there were even moments where the sun tried to break through the clouds.

After being in awe, we eventually collected ourselves and finally started taking some photos.  If you do not have a waterproof camera, you should make sure you are prepared to have everything get soaked while you’re out there. I tried to take photos and had to constantly wipe off my lenses to try and get good photos. In addition, it was freezing, so that didn’t help the fact that I was drenched and felt a little bit like I was turning into ice.

When we had taken all the pictures we thought humanly possible, we made our way back out to the bus where we stripped off all of our outer layers and started hanging them on the seats to dry until we had to leave the bus again.



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