Traveling alone verses traveling with people – part 1

I have traveled alone so often for the past few years. And recently there’s been a lot of additional travel in my life, both domestic and international.

This will be a document of how differences I’ve noticed in the way that I adjust in the different ways of traveling. 

1. Realizing that my time is not MY time. If I decide that there is a time I want to leave to go somewhere, then I will make every effort to meet that deadline I set for myself regardless of how much sleep I get and what I need to do before. 

I need to learn patience and how to adjust for others needing more time or others being a little less stringent in their time compared to me. It’s difficult because there’s stuff I want to do and things I want to get done. Coming to terms with the fact that it is out of my control is difficult and I need to learn how to adjust accordingly. 


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