Day 2 in Iceland

We were lucky enough to wake up super early and get some food the next day. Given that we were so jet lagged and lacking sleep, falling asleep the night before was super easy. I have to admit I was thoroughly disappointed that we didn’t see the Northern Lights the previous night because of bad weather but I knew it was a chance I was taking. The thing about the Northern Lights is that you need perfect conditions and they’re unpredictable. There’s no amazing formula that you can determine immediately to know when to try and see them. Given that I had scheduled this trip at the tailend of winter, I knew going into the trip that chances were slim. But that didn’t stop me from trying. 

After waking up, we packed our bags for our tour. Since Iceland has some of the craziest weather I have ever experienced, we had to be prepared to take everything and be prepared for anything that could happen. It would be super warm or it could be the coldest day ever full of all sorts of rain and snow. Since we were planning on being out of the city all day long, there was one guarantee. We would experience multiple weather changes so layers would be key. 

After packing all my jackets, my scarf, my beanie and my gloves, we got ready for our walk to the bus station. For some reason, we decided to walk outside half an hour early which was perfect timing to see the shuttle pull up. Since we had walked to the main bus terminal the day before, we decided to tell the shuttle driver that we would just walk to the station. We were met with a strange look. Our bus driver eventually figured out that we were obviously unaware of where we were supposed to go. Our tour the day before was with Reykjavik Tours which leaves from the main bus terminal. Our tour on day 2 was with Grey Shuttle which left from the bus terminal about 30 minutes outside of the city center. So we boarded the bus and then made our way around the city to pick up the remainder of the tour group. 

If you plan on booking tours while you’re in Iceland, I highly recommend checking who the actual tour company is because it will determine exactly which bus terminal you need to leave from. Given that the public transportation for a city of 300,000 people isn’t going to be as robust, make sure to check with your shuttle driver before assuming all yours leave from the main bus terminal. 


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