Dinner at the hotsprings

One of the great things about the all inclusive tours that you can book through Iceland Air is that they usually include meals. Or at least a stop somewhere that you can purchase food. Lucky for us, we had food included in this specific excursion which was wonderful. It was a full buffet style meal. 

What’s funny about dinner was that there wasn’t really anything that felt like it might be ‘authentic’ Icelandic food at this specific meal. It felt like any meal that I could get anywhere which was actually good for me. I knew I could get all food groups while I was there which would compensate for the incredible amount of pastries I had previously consumed in the last 24 hours. We had a nice little romantic dinner surrounded by families with screaming children (literally children running all around). 

Immediately after we finished dinner, it was time to hang out until we were directed to our bus. We made our way to the bus and then we got the bad news that the rain we were experiencing meant that we would not see the Northern Lights and it was time for us to start heading back to the various hotels. 

Even though we were told that we wouldn’t be able to see the Northern Lights, we kept our eyes peeled to the sky as we made our way back to the city. I have wanted to see the Lights so badly that I wished he entire way back to the city, even though deep down I knew I was going to be disappointed. We got dropped off at the main bus terminal and walked in the cold rain back to our hostel to get ready for our early pick up for the next tour. 


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