My Happy Place

This may sound weird but I’ve realized that I think my happy place is sitting on an airplane looking out over the world listening to music. It might just be sitting on an airplane in general. I always tell people that Costco is my Disneyland, which it very much is. I love Costco and I will tell the whole world. But there’s something insanely calming to be about sitting on an airplane. I’m not a tall person so economy seats do not bother me. In fact there have been times where I have sat down in regular chairs and been unable to bend my legs if I sit all the way back. Having short legs has benefited me to the extent that I can still curl up on my flight and be quite comfortable. 

I love sitting on airplanes flying high above everything because up here, you can only control so much and be impacted by so much. For those brief few hours, you do not get politics updates, you’re cut off from all your social media, from constant contact. Or at least, you can make the conscious decision to be and I make that decision partially because I don’t wanna pay for wifi and partially cause I’m usually asleep for half the flight. 

On my flight back from New York, one of my longer flights recently, I managed to stay away for the vast majority of the flight and had a chance to not only finish a book but start a second one. And then I got time to sit, listen to my music and stare out into the clouds. And imagine, like when I was a kid, just how soft and fluffy these clouds must be. There are clouds as far as the eye can see and there’s no ground. There is nothing else up here except for the sky and the clouds. How can anything else feel more peaceful than this?

Obviously ignoring the fact that the person next to me has some intense body odor and the man behind me has wiggled his feet to extend past my seat into space. But ignoring all those, the only other places I’d rather be would be another seat on this airplane. 

I’ve taken to making the conscious decision to not be perpetually on my phone and social media and this is a good reminder of just how wonderful it can truly be to just exist. 


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