Checking into our hostel

After the Hallgrimskirkja, we walked back to the main bus terminal which sits just a few minutes away from the church. We got into our locker with relatively low issues, pulled out all our belongings and made our way back to the hostel that had so rudely turned us away earlier that day. This time, we were let in without issues and we found our keys and made our way down to the room. It was interesting set up because the bathroom and the room were separated by the hallway and we were essentially staying until the basement of the house. We got into our room that came with the bare minimum basics which was great because let’s be honest, we didn’t need much and weren’t planning on staying in our room too much. We settled into our beds and debriefed for a little bit followed by a short half an hour nap. After that, we packed up our swimsuits and warm clothing and wandered back outside. 

If you’ve never done a guided excursion in Iceland, then you should try it at some point. It’s a great way to see part of the country without too much personal effort. We stood outside and our shuttle came to get us. He pulled up and asked us if we really wanted to get on the shuttle. I looked relatively baffled and he told me that we would be going to the main bus terminal across the street and if we got on the shuttle we’d be wandering to all the other hotels before going back. So we opted to go back to our room for another 20 minutes then walked over to the bus terminal for our night excursion. 

The excursion that we were going to take was supposed to be a night filled with geothermal hotsprings, a dinner and then a hunt for the Northern Lights. Given that the weather had been terrible, we knew that we were taking a gamble on whether this would actually happen. So we met up with our tour group and we got ready for our excursion starting off with a nice soak at the hot springs. 


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