Iceland 2017, Day 1 continued

As we started walking toward the city, the weather decided it no longer wanted to be friendly and we started to experience sleet, rain, snow and strong winds. If you’ve been to Reykjavik, you know that this is not a place of tall buildings that can shield you from the elements.  In addition, we were there on a Sunday which meant that the chances of having lots of open places to find shelter was slim to none. We eventually stumbled upon a coffee shop that was open and we busted in through the door and started at all the pastry options available.  We ordered our coffee and some pastries, yes, I ordered two and we found an unoccupied table in the back corner of the shop.

There we proceeded to peel off every wet layer we had and lay them down on various chairs around this table.  The beanies and gloves went on the table to try and dry off, the outer layer hung over the backs of unoccupied chairs, the next layer on the benches we sat on, the scarves just hanging off the tables to dry a bit and then we stretched out.  The front of my pants were soaked so I had to sit in the most unladylike fashion so that I could try and get them to dry off and not rub my wet boats against any part of my pants.  We sat and enjoyed our pastries while staring out the window at the elements and wondering what we were going to do.

We knew that we would be dealing with cold and winter elements, but I think the lack of sleep and having arrived in Iceland at about 7AM, we were a little loopy and not 100% coherent of what we were up against. But at this point, we didn’t really have any choices except to make this work and deal with it.

When everything had finally dried, we replaced all our layers, and went on our way out to the coastline.  Our first target was the Harpa which is the Reykjavik Opera House.  We walked along the main road and eventually got to the Harpa.



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