Iceland 2017, Day 1

The original plan for us was to land, and immediately get picked up to go to the Blue Lagoon. The expectation was that the start of this trip would be exactly like the start of my Iceland 2015 trip.  Unfortunately, since Iceland is so popular now, that tour sold out and we just had to catch the Flybus into the city.  We had booked our hotel based on price so rather than having to get dropped off at our hotel, we were driven directly to the bus terminal and we walked to our hotel.  Which wasn’t a hotel, but rather a mix between a bed and breakfast, inn and hostel.  We arrived at the inn, knocked on the door to no answer and then started calling the number that was on the door.

As someone who doesn’t typically have a phone, this was a new experience for me. When I solo travel, I only book actual hotels that have 24 hour front desks for safety. I have lots of friends who will go to Airbnbs but I have a fear that if my flight is delayed or if I get lost (because it happens often), I won’t have a way to communicate with the host. So in this case, I felt pretty confident we would be okay cause there were two of us. But luckily, I had my work phone with me and it had an international plan. I called the number multiple times to no answer and finally someone opened the door.

It turns out that this place did not have someone who manned the front desk and they did not function like a typical hotel.  The person who opened the door was someone who was helping run the place, but was not in charge and so she very rudely wouldn’t let us into the building telling us that we had to come back at check in. I could understand that but we wanted to drop off our bags so that we could go wander the city and she told us we couldn’t do that.  So after a very disagreeable conversation with a very unhappy person, we wandered back to the main bus terminal and decided to change out of our travel clothes.

We locked ourselves in the bathroom and attempted to change from our comfy clothes into more appropriate clothing for the cold weather, find all our extra layers that we may need, then finally repack everything we owned back into our bags so that we could go store them in the lockers.

If you find yourself in a situation like this in Iceland (in fact I’ve seen this in multiple countries and have used it before), we decided to rent a locker in the bus terminal where we were able to store all of our belongings and then we made our way into Reykjavik.

The bus terminal is a bit outside of the city, but it’s not terribly far from the city so we started walking. And started our trek into Reykjavik looking for food, coffee and some sights to explore.


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