LA to Seattle to Iceland

I left work early on a Friday, headed directly to LAX and got ready for my flight to Seattle.  Rather than trying to be crazy and book my flight to land in Seattle the same day I would leave the country, I decided that I would go and spend a solid 36 hours in Seattle.  This would give me a chance to hang out with some friends, relax a bit and then make my way off to Iceland.

The 36 hours went quickly and then I found myself at the airport with my travel buddy ready to make our way out to into the world.  We utilized the wonderful Priority Passes that come with the Chase Sapphire Reserved card to get into the Alaska Airlines lounge, consumed a bunch of snacks and water then eventually made our way to gate.  One of the things that I’ve quickly learned is that I can only go so long without food and since we had booked an Iceland Air flight, that meant no snacks unless you bring your own or you purchase them.  I choose to pay for a cheap flight to Europe, so let’s be honest, I wasn’t ready to pay for snacks.  I definitely tried to get full on the soup, vegetables and small cubes of cheese that I could get in the lounge.

As part of my typical travel preparation, I always bring some sort of energy bars with me.  Usually I purchase whatever is on sale or whatever I have at home that I purchase from Costco. Yes, this is true. I keep emergency energy bars around my house so that I can always have food in my bags.

We boarded our flight and made our way to Iceland.

I have to admit that now that Iceland is the cool place to go and Iceland Air is the cool way to get there, I’ve definitely noticed a change in the airline and some of the little personality bits that made me smile the first time around were gone. I remember getting on the plane back in 2015 and seeing little Icelandic greetings on the back of every seat brought a smile to my face. This time, all the greetings had been replaced with an advertisement for the stopover. I know that it’s marketing and it makes sense, but I loved the personality of the airline so it did make me a little sad to see that it had changed. The safety video still shows the natural beauty of the country so I was still very pleased to see that.

The flight was relatively uneventful. The movies had been updated, but if you’re flying Iceland Air, you shouldn’t expect the latest and greatest movies.  They have some good classics and it’s a decent selection so it’ll help make the 7 hours flight to Iceland go by relatively quickly.

Now that I’ve done this specific flight multiple times, I will admit that one of my favorite things is making sure I wake up about 45 minutes before we land and look out the window.  Seeing the water below covered in blocks of ice and the water movement followed the barren brown of the southwest coast of Iceland, always brings a smile to my face.  It feels like such a drastic change from what I’m used to seeing when I fly anywhere since it’s barren and you don’t fly over some giant city so it’s like a “welcome to your adventure” for me because it feels so different. Maybe it’s just me, but I honestly love it as the start to any trip.



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