Chasing the Northern Lights – Packing

When it finally came time for the trip, I started the packing process for my trip. And this required a few days of actual planning which is strange for me. I’m not someone who usually plans out what I pack, partially because otherwise I start to doubt what I’ve packed and get very concerned that I packed too much.  In addition, I start to worry that I’ve forgotten something and the only way to confirm it is to completely unpack and then repack again.

For this trip, I needed to prepare for the cold but not just any cold but full on winter. Iceland was supposed to have snow and rain, Helsinki was supposed to be warmer but then Ivalo was supposed to be in the single digits. This meant that I needed layers and more than just layers, I needed ALL the layers. So here’s what I packed:

  • Hunter Chelsea rain boots: I have to admit that I originally planned to purchase the Madewell version because they were significantly cheaper but I decided on the Hunter ones because they were on sale at the time, they fit my feet better, and they were significantly lighter. If you remember my previous trip to Iceland, I had a pair of rain boots but since my feet grew, I needed to get a slightly larger pair that would allow for thicker socks.
  • Wool socks. Costco was doing a great thing where they had a two pack of wool socks that go up to mid calf. I had actually purchased these for the holiday trip to Oslo and so it was great to have them again.
  • My Patagonia down jacket that packs into itself. It’s light weight and can handle warmer and colder weather.
  • My Uniqlo down water resistant jacket. I managed to figure out that it fits perfectly over my Patagonia jacket.
  • My BauBax World’s Best Travel Jacket : Which also fit perfectly over my Patagonia jacket
  • A packable Uniqlo vest
  • My slip on Vans for the travel days
  • Uniqlo heat-tech shirts (three of them)
  • A turtle neck
  • A beanie
  • A giant scarf
  • A pair of Uniqlo heat-tech leggings that would fit underneath my jeans
  • Jeans
  • Tank tops
  • T-shirts
  • A swimsuit
  • A microfiber packable towel
  • Hygiene items

The purpose of all the items was to ensure that I could layer as much as humanly possible because I was officially terrified that I was going to freeze.

After finally deciding on the list of things that I wanted to pack, I started the process. And I managed to, yet again, fit this all into my awesome mint green backpack and I was officially ready for my trip.


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