Chasing the Northern Lights

A few years ago, I decided that I wanted to see the Northern Lights and I’ve heard I read recently that the Northern Lights are starting to fade to the point that eventually they won’t be visible anymore. So I knew that I had to start planning a trip to chase the Northern Lights.  There’s no guarantee that you’ll see them, there’s no way to predict it so I decided that I needed to try to see them in multiple countries.  In 2015, I went to Iceland and missed the tours just by a few days and that ignited the official need to see them as soon as possible. So, I decided it was time to start figuring out what I wanted to do, where I wanted to see the lights and I began planning.

The things I needed to take into consideration:

  • Where did I want to actually see the lights?  I know that you can see them in Alaska but, I wanted to see them somewhere new and I’ve already been to Alaska.
  • Would this be a solo trip?
  • If not, who would be able to go with me and who would have the time to go with me?
  • How many days did I want to be gone?
  • When did I want to go?
  • Am I prepared to go traveling in the winter?
  • How remote did I want to go to guarantee that I could see them?
  • Could I add another new country to my list, maybe two?
  • What additional bucket list items could I cross off my list on this trip?

And so began the planning for my trip to chase the Northern Lights.


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