Museum of Ice Cream, Los Angeles


I remember when I first heard about the Museum of Ice Cream.  I was sitting at my desk, aimlessly surfing the internet trying to find things that were interesting and I found a Refinery 29 article stating that the Museum of Ice Cream was going to be in Los Angeles. Prior to this article, I was completely unaware of any museum that was focused on ice cream and I LOVE ice cream.  So I immediately started reading through the article and had to go to a team meeting.  This resulted in a group conversation about the museum and I knew that I had to get tickets. I ended up missing the date because I was a little too over eager about the tickets and tried to them through the American Express presale a day earlier than they actually went on sale and then life got busy.  So imagine the happiness I felt when I realized that they were renewing the museum for another round in July.  I placed a meeting notice on my calendar to ensure that I could buy tickets early and I was ready 5 minutes early frantically refreshing the page to ensure I bought the tickets.  I remember this day because there were four of us with the ticket screens on our monitors and talking about it for what felt like hours.  I successfully bought my tickets and then… I moved to Seattle.

In July, I flew back to Los Angeles for the Museum of Ice Cream.  I want to call this dedication but I think honestly, I pretended to use it as justification for going back to LA but I really didn’t need an additional reason to go back. Granted, there’s now a running joke that I’m secretly living in LA and commuting to Seattle. Hardy har har.

The Museum of Ice Cream is quite the experience. As someone who had their hopes up and really high expectations about this place, it didn’t disappoint but it didn’t quite meet my expectations.  I loved seeing the colorful displays, the artwork, trying the different types of ice cream and the interactive portions but it was a very short experience.

For those of you who don’t know anything about this museum, it’s designed to be completed in about 45 minutes.  There’s no one shuffling you through the exhibits but they’ve designed it in such a way that you can really only take so many pictures and do the activities for so long because you feel ready to move on. Plus there are hoards of people coming after you throughout the museum.  You start off the experience with a quick lowdown for a member of the team. Our “guide” was adorable and energetic which I think was a requirement for all the people who worked there.  Then we were guided into the first room, given some chocolate and then into a bright pink room full of telephones that provided the next set of instructions.  From there, we wandered into the California/Los Angeles ice cream themed room which was filled with murals of pink palm trees, the Hollywood sign replaced with the words “Ice Cream”, Hollywood stars with a fun twist on celebrity names, and some local ice cream that you could try.

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Museum of Ice Cream, Los Angeles, CA

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After that, we made our way to a mint green room where they were growing mint and we got the chance to eat mint mochi ice cream, sticking with the theme obviously.  As we continued to make our way through, we went through other exhibits like one with a claw machine (which we didn’t win anything from), a room of black ice cream, giant popsicles, the sprinkle pool and the final room with a ping pong table, ice cream sandwich swing and gift shop.

Overall, it was a great experience and I’m really happy we had a chance to go.  I know that I had it all hyped up in my head but there is no part of me that is unhappy that we went. I don’t believe they’ve decided to stay in LA for another round and they’re all sold out.  But that being said, they’ve officially announced that they’re making their way up to San Francisco in September!  If you’re in the Bay Area, and can get access to tickets, I would definitely check it out.


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