Back to Seattle

So I can officially say that I am back in Seattle for the time being. Making the formal decision to say that LA is not for me, the job that I had was not the right fit and start the process of finding something new was daunting and not something I was sure I was ready to.  I’ve heard from many people that it usually takes a bit of time to realize that you love LA.  Most of my friends have been telling me that it’s taken them about 2 years to decide that LA is a place they love and would never consider leaving. I truly wanted to stay in Los Angeles for at least 2 years so that I could make an informed decision as to whether this place was my home or a place that I was just temporarily hanging out in. Unfortunately due to my circumstances, staying the minimum of two years was not the right option for me at this time.

So I started the process of find a new job, seeing if another city would be a better option and found myself with a job up in Seattle. I tried to see if LA had an opportunity that would call my name but unfortunately, all opportunities appeared after I signed my offer back in Seattle. 

I’m back to being a Seattle-ite and we shall see how long I will be here for.  But I have to admit, it’s nice to be back.


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