Things I Do When I’m Bored

I went through a period of time where I needed to figure out how to entertain myself.  Part of this was driven by the fact that it was slow at work and the other part of it was that I was getting tired oft he internet.  Is that even okay to say?

Any way, I got pretty creative in terms of things that I did to keep myself entertained at work during this slow period:

  • Browse the internet (obviously) but for strange and interesting things.  Obviously I would check out things like the news, social media, etc but I would also bring myself down small little black holes of entertainment.  I went through and would find videos on Youtube that would lead me to other videos and then I just couldn’t stop.  Animals videos and music videos were my videos of choice during this time.
  • Organize my computer and the files on my hard drive.  This included and was not limited to decreasing the amount of photos that I kept on my desk top.  Deleting items from my computer that were taking up space and I would never need. Changing my computer background to something a bit more up beat and active.
  • This then led to organizing my emails.  I went through a major cleaning of all my emails, worked to get my inbox to under 100 emails and then created a filing system so that I could store everything.
  • Taking the long way to the bathroom.  I upped the steps per hour on my Fitbit so that I had to work harder to reach my hourly goal.  This meant taking the long way to the bathroom and having to do it often because….
  • Drinking an excessive amount of water.  I’ve always been a less than hydrated person and so this was the perfect opportunity for me to start consuming more water which would also mean that I had to take more trips to the water fountain.
  • Planning trips and planning hikes around Los Angeles.  I wanted to see everything and anything the city had to offer so by using this time to plan things, I could really get a better idea of what was available around the greater Los Angeles area.
  • Discovering new blogs.  There’s one that is beautifully done and amazing.  Check it out: Wallpaper
  • Sitting and having full on conversations with my coworkers about their lives and what they’re doing.  This meant moving significantly past the formalities and actually getting to learn more about the people around me.
  • Going for walks around the parking lot just after work to get some sun and exercise.
  • Updating my blog.
  • Practicing new languages (Duolingo is great)
  • Madly texting alll of my other friends. The way I see it, someone will respond eventually.
  • Planning my evening activities and my workouts for the remainder of the day.

Do you have anything you do when you’re bored at work or any additional suggestions? I’m always looking for entertainment.


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