My Faux Bucket list

A faux bucket list for someone who is a faux adulthood. This is only a faux list because it may not necessarily be a list of what I want to do before I die, but rather just a list of things I want to do and see. This includes things that I have done and things that I want to do.  This is constantly changing and updating, but here’s what I have so far:

  • Go to Finland and stay at the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Visit the Segrada Familia
  • Go to the top of the Taipei 101
  • Go to Iceland and see the Hallgrimskirkja
  • See the glacial lagoons in Iceland
  • Go to the Elephant Sanctuary in Chiang Mai and play with elephants
  • Meet a panda and say hi
  • Meet a koala bear
  • Hold a koala bear
  • Zipline from Spain to Portugal
  • Go see the Great Wall of China
  • Eat Szechuan food in China
  • Visit Burma
  • Go visit Hobbiton
  • Drink wine in Italy
  • See the White Temple
  • Hike in Milford Sound
  • Ride in a helicopter
  • Hike a volcano
  • Go to the ramen street in Tokyo
  • Stand in the center of Shibuya crossing and take a photo
  • See the monkeys in the hot springs in Japan
  • Eat soondubu (soft tofu soup) in Korea
  • Eat pho from Vietnam
  • Cruise through Ha Long Bay
  • See the Emerald Buddha in the Grand Palace
  • See the hot air balloons in Turkey
  • Visit Angor Wat



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