Domestic travel habits

I’ve recently noticed that I do a few things when I travel domestically that I don’t do when I am traveling internationally.  I’ve noticed that these things have been driven out of convenience and the fact that I have access to my phone which I don’t usually do when I am traveling internationally (still old school and don’t get data when I travel internationally).  A few of these things that I only do when I am traveling domestically are:

  • I’m not as adventurous with my solo traveling when I am traveling domestically.  I am more okay with just sitting in a hotel or slow aimless wandering.  I don’t feel like I have to squeeze in as many things during those trips.
  • I am more willing to order food to my hotel room, not necessarily room service.  In fact usually not room service because it is expensive with that service charge.  But Uber Eats or Amazon Eats.  Yes, this has happened multiple times and it feels like I am exploring because I am trying a local restaurant but without the hassle of having to find it, wait in line and deal with people.
  • I find that I am more anti social when I am traveling domestically.  It might be because I am lazier or just not as adventurous but I am more inclined to not speak to anyone.
  • I will Amazon Prime Now food if I need to.   Yes this is a thing.  I did Amazon Prime Now groceries to the Cosmopolitan in Vegas for a bachelorette party. We didn’t have time to get snacks and groceries for the group prior to arriving at the hotel so instead we just had Amazon deliver snacks to the hotel and it was amazing.
  • I use the time at hotels to catch up on all the TV shows that I don’t typically have access to.  Yes. I do this. It’s sad but it’s true.
  • I shop significantly more than I do when I am traveling internationally.  I think it is because usually I am going to cities with stores that I don’t usually have and so it’s an opportunity for me to check out other things.  Plus, dependent on the city, the clothing options will differ and so you can find things that you wouldn’t find at your regular store back home.  While when I am traveling internationally, I am significantly more picky about shopping since I have even less room to bring stuff back with.
  • I am less picky about the food that I eat while I am traveling domestically.  When I am in another country, I will try to only eat food from those places but when I am traveling domestically, I will eat whatever sounds good.  I’ll try to eat only local restaurants but I like to keep my options open during that time.
  • I take a lot less pictures.  I don’t know if it is because I am focused on the area, if I’m distracted or because I don’t see as many things that I want to take photos of.  But I’ve noticed that the amount of photos that I have of domestic places I’ve been too are significantly less.

I’m not entirely sure why my travel habits are so drastically different between domestic and international travel but I think that it’s time for me to figure out how to up my travel game. I need to learn to better appreciate the experiences that I have regardless of where it is located.


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