Book of the Month Club – Obsession

I joined Book of the Month Club a few months ago and I have to say that it is one of the few things that I am more than willing to spend money on every month and I don’t regret the decision at all.  You see, books are one of the few things that I have loved ever since I was a kid and by loved I mean that I have always been slightly obsessed with them. When I was younger, I loved just being able to hold a book in my hand and smell them.  And the better I got at reading and processing what I was reading, the more obsessed I became with books.  The idea that I could get immersed in a whole different world and go on a completely different journey just by reading was amazing to me.  I would get lost of hours and hours in my books and it was almost like I couldn’t stop reading.  I craved it and craved the escape from reality to a different world that didn’t exist and stories that captured my attention.

Once I got older, reading in school was no fun.  I had to analyze everything and I couldn’t always pick what I got to read. It became work rather than fun and I just wasn’t as interested in it. I read some really good books as I grew up and through school but nothing really made me as excited to read. And when I finally stopped going to school, I have to admit that I stopped reading.  I even made it a goal of mine every year.  At the start of every year for the last 10+ years, I have made it a goal of mine to read at least one book a month.  For the last 10+ years, I have never achieved that goal.  It’s never been something that I’ve been disciplined enough to do. Until this year.

I think that it is a combination of the Book of the Month Club and a new tactic a friend introduced me to that has prompted this increased interest in reading.  My friend told me that his goal is read at least 20 pages a day in his book regardless of the day, the time and where he was in his book. So I started trying to do that and now I can’t seem to stop reading.  In addition, the books from Book of the Month Club have been fantastic.  I have to admit that I have purchased additional books from them because they have amazing choices.

You pay a flat fee and every month on the 1st, they release 5 titles and you pick which one you would like for the month.  The flat fee includes the book and regular shipping.  If you want, you can add more books to your bundle for the month for another fee (usually cheaper than that of a hardback book) and get this delivered to your door.  The selections for these books have been on point in my opinion.  I have yet to be disappointed by any of the books that I have purchased.  In fact, I usually finish the books just a week or two after receiving them. I would say that this has inspired me to start reading again, it has reignited the urge to read and it has changed my views on reading.  So much so that I have read 11 books this year and counting.

If you are looking for something to motivate you to read, or something to provide good recommendations on books to read, or you just want to pick up reading again, I would highly recommend checking out Book of the Month Club.


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