Dance parties in Sattahip, Thailand

One thing that I love about weddings would be the dance party and the fact that it is a pure celebration of happiness.  There is no part of it that is sad.  It is a few hours where nothing else in the world exists except for that pure bliss that you see radiating from the happy couple. This celebration was exactly that except that it wasn’t just a few hours but rather hours upon hours of celebrating.  We danced to all sorts of music that ranged from American music to French music, a little something for everyone.  We spent the evening and nighttime rolling around in the sand, wandering through the Gulf of Thailand, tracking sand into the infinity pool and celebrating the happy couple.

At midnight, we decided it was time to set off Chinese lanterns to celebrate the events of the evening.  It was the perfect way to end the evening, or at least pretend to end the evening.  We brought out boxes and boxes of the lanterns, lighters and set them up.  When you get them, you have to unfold them and take the flammable portion and attach it to the lantern with the wires and then find a way to light it.  It’s a difficult feat when you’re tired and hot and your arms start to get tired (like me.)  I got mine lit and then I stood at the edge of the water and waited patiently for the flame to generate enough heat to fill up the lantern and lift into the air. It definitely took quite some time to get to that point where it was ready to fly up into the area.  And while I stood there, I watched the people around me laughing and celebrating as we all tried to get our lanterns to light and fly up into the world.  It was a strangely peaceful moment.

Finally, my lantern had enough heat that it finally lifted out of my hands and floated off into the abyss of the night sky.  The sky above us and above the water became speckled with little orange lights as the lanterns floated away.  It was wonderful until… the cops came.  Apparently lighting lanterns during this time was a type of celebration that was against the law because the country was still in mourning.  So for those people who hadn’t lit their lanterns or let them go, we had to put them out and clean up all the left over lanterns to save for a later date.

We continued our dance party and around 2AM, I gave up.  I couldn’t do it anymore.  We hadn’t really had much sleep the entire trip and this was our last night in Thailand before heading back to the U.S.  I was at that point where I was too tired to fully function and I needed to go to bed.  My eyelids were heavy and we had been celebrating for so long that I needed to go to bed.  So I went back to the room, showered (which was the best feeling in the entire world) and then climbed into bed to read for a bit.  I read about a page and a half before I fell asleep with my Kindle on my chest.  I woke up a few hours later to the lights on so I put everything away and immediately fell back asleep. It was officially the end of our trip.


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