24 Hours in Oslo, Norway

I have to admit that my views and experiences in Oslo, Norway are a little skewed since I was there on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.  That means that the entire city was quiet and predominantly closed but here are a few things that I think you should do if you’re there.

  • Check out the main shopping street in city center.  There’s a road that is lined with stores and great little restaurants and coffee shops.  When I was there, I walked by multiple buskers and performers.  In addition, during the holidays there are great holiday lights strung between all the buildings.  It is beautiful and a great place to take a walk.
  • Check out the Vigeland Sculpture Park. It is about a 20 minute walk from city center but totally worth it.  It’s great to be able to see the rest of the city on your way over to the park and to check out what the city has to offer.  If you aren’t interested in walking, you can definitely take the tram over there or the buses.  The park has over 200 sculptures and a coffee shop plus a museum (which is closed during the holidays).  It’s a rather large park so you could spend quite a bit of time there to check out everything there.
  • Go to the Munch Museum to check out the Scream painting.  This is literally across town and a small building just outside of a major park that is home to multiple museums.  It is worth it to check out this area if you like museums.  If you don’t like museums, then check out the park.  It’ll take you awhile to walk through the park and it is a great little leisurely stroll.
  • Check out the Royal Palace over near the water.  There is a great walking path up to the Palace and a beautiful park near by that you can sit and relax.  As you can tell Oslo has lots of parks that you can check out and  relax in.
  • Go to the water front.  If the weather is nice and the water is warm, there are diving boards off the docks that you can use to jump in the water.  If it’s not warm, it’s still worth it to stand on the docks and see the beauty of the coastline.  It’s super peaceful and serene over there.  You can also check out the museums and the restaurants along the docks while you’re over there.
  • If you’re looking for some food for on the go, I would recommend checking out some of the deli’s around city center.  They have great options for to go food for a decent price.  If you’re looking for a good coffee shop, I would recommend the Espresso House or a coffee shop around the city center.
  • Take a walk around the business district of Oslo.  There’s a lot of shopping and a lot to see around there.  There are some great stores and things to check out plus there’s a lot more going on in that area.  It’s an interesting contrast to the rest of the city because it is significantly more modern than the rest of the city.  The architecture is a nice contrast to the older buildings near the city center and the water front.

I would recommend staying in Oslo longer than just a day if you can, and avoid the holidays there since everything shuts down.  But if you find yourself there for only 24 hours, these are just a few suggestions to make full use of your time.


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