Bangkok – Adult activities

We broke up into smaller groups to load into cabs so that we could all go to a place called Nana Plaza.  You would have thought that at this point, we would have separated into different groups who didn’t want to go to Nana Plaza and would go home but for whatever reason, all 14 of us went to this area together.  I’m not going to go into incredible detail about Nana but let’s just say that it is an adult area.  I remember the first time I went to Thailand, one of my friends had actually booked a hotel for us near her place and for a decent price which ended up being just down the street from Nana Plaza.  We didn’t visit there the first time I showed up in Bangkok but driving by there on a Friday night at 1AM in the morning after a long journey, it is definitely an eye opener.

We settled down at a bar in the very center of the area where it was an open bar that you could see everything around you from the walk ways to all the bar options all around us.  We sat here because then people could go off and explore and check things out while having a “homebase” and we would be able to keep an eye on everyone.  We would know where everyone went and for the most part, one of us had a view of the main walk way out at all times. We ordered our beverages and the night continued on from there.

Finally, it hit a point where we were no longer interested in being out and we had an early morning the next day.  The main reason we had all flown to Thailand was the wedding happening the next day.  So the girls split off and left to go grab a cab.

We had looked at Uber and found that we could grab an Uber for 100 Baht to get back to our hotel and so we knew that we could barter with the taxi cabs on the way home.  Grabbing a taxi instead of an Uber was preferred in this situation because the Uber’s were about 12 minutes away and there are taxi cabs that line the streets outside of the adult areas in Bangkok, especially during this time of night. So we crossed the street to the direction we needed to grab our taxi on and tried to find someone who would take us back down the street.  One thing to keep in mind when it comes to grab taxi’s in Bangkok is that it is recommended to be on the right side of the street if you’re heading down the main roads, especially if it’s the roads with the metro stations because if you catch it and have to make a U-turn, it can be rough.  Those lanes are about 3 to 4 lanes deep in one direction and can be a bit rough to make turns, especially when there is heavy traffic.

We started out trying to find a taxi and I have to preface this experience with a short note.  I have a friend who loves to barter and she’s fantastic at it.  In fact, I don’t think she’s ever paid full price for anything from a street vendor or a taxi cab. So we let her lead the charge to get us a cab. Rather than sticking with the 100 Baht, she started low, really low and asked for a cab ride for 50 Baht.  After about 5 cabs telling us no, we finally got a cab for 100 Baht and made our way back to the hotel. We went our separate ways to our rooms and settled in for the night.  The next day would be jam packed and the chances of getting any sleep would be slim to none.


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